Today: New Adventures in Sound Art walk shows how the city is our bandshell

Eyesore or ear candy? Darren Copeland will help you come up with a sound answer today, starting at noon.

What if the kid were you and the candy store were your city?

Darren Copeland hears music where most of us hear noise. From the morning tweets of chipper sparrows to the farty air brakes on a TTC bus, the artistic director of New Adventures in Sound Art is one of those wonderful people who can turn found sonic objects into sources of wonder.

He has paired up with sound artist Rui Chavez to create a simultaneous “sound walk” in Toronto and Belfast. Our portion starts off at NAISA home base at the Artscape Wychwood Barns (610 Christie St) at noon, and ends at the Nordheimer Ravine (part of the ravine network that hosts the Spadina subway line).

The twinned city walks are meant to create “an integrated soundscape experience.” Participation is $5, plus the cost of your favourite portable beverage.

You can’t ask for a nicer day to give it a try.

John Terauds


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