Video: A Toronto audience turns the tables on the joys of a live concert

The first annual Bruce Kirkpatrick Hill memorial concert, which took place over four hours at the Church of St Mary Magdalene this afternoon, was a blast as friends and fans and colleagues took turns performing a little something.

But the real kick came just before intermission, when organizer Larry Beckwith asked for volunteers to form an ad hoc choir. All but a handful of people in the audience got up.

To close of the concert, Beckwith again called for volunteers, this time to sing requests from the Oxford Book of Tudor Anthems.

The nave was virtually empty and the chancel packed as we sight-sang through anthem after anthem, navigating complex harmony and counterpoint, gamely conducted by soprano Teri Dunn.

It generated a soaring natural high that I’m still feeling two hours later.

As I left the scene, I captured one of the anthems, Richard Farrant’s Lord, for Thy Tender Mercy’s Sake, on my iPhone:

John Terauds


6 thoughts on “Video: A Toronto audience turns the tables on the joys of a live concert

  1. That is some recording device, John! Thank you for sharing this beautiful singing with us. Tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon, the Toronto Jewish Folk Choir will remember Bruce in its printed program. He was the choir’s bass support singer for about 10 years, and was greatly appreciated.

  2. Thank you for recording this… what a wonderful afternoon of beautiful music and wonderful performances. It’s impossible to sing anything from the Tudor Anthem book and not think of Bruce. I hope it is the “first annual Bruce Kirkpatrick Hill Memmorial Concert”.

    • Everyone acknowledged that in their little introductions. The “madrigal-party” was just a collective way to channel all the goodwill. I think it was a brilliant stroke for Larry to invite people up to sing.

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