Tonight: World musicians pull together for presenter Billy Bryans at Lula Lounge

Billy Bryans, known to some as a member of the onetime Parachute Club and to others as an all-the-time, tireless promoter of world music in Toronto, is in palliative care after a return of cancer that had been in remission since 2006.

Like so many artists, Bryans’ safety net is his friends, who are gethering at Lula Lounge for a big fundraising concert tonight — a concert for which Alex Cuba is flying across the country specially.

It’s an unfortunate occasion that should yield some pretty amazing music from as many other people as can be corralled onstage.

Here’s the tentative lineup:

7:15    SalsaTO – Mike and Sharon warm up the dancefloor with their latest choreography
7:30    Baila Boogaloo Dance mini salsa lesson
8:00    Hosts Jane Farrow and Lauara Fernandez kick off the night followed by performance by Laura Fernandez
8:30    Alex Cuba
9:15    Blue Basin
9:50    Jane Bunnett / Hilario Duran
10:20    Casineros Unidos
10:30    Samba Squad
11:00    Cuban Friends Quintet
11:40    Son Ache

Tickets are $30. If you want dinner, call ahead: 41- 588-0307.

John Terauds


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