Streaming: 22-year-old Minje Sung makes musical love with his double-bass

It almost feels like voyerurism to witness 22-year-old South Korean Minje Sung play his double-bass like an ardent lover.

The recipient of several recent competition prizes was invited by organizers of the chamber music concert series at the Louvre Auditorium to perform there last week with pianist Jun Hee Kim.

The results, streaming in high-definition audio and video on, are stunning, the boys’ bad haircuts notwithstanding. (Signing up online is easy — and doesn not harrass you afterward to become a paying subscriber.)

The programme is a grab-bag of showpieces, starting with Jules Massenet’s Méditation from Thaïs. A great solo showcase is a strong echo of Bach’s solo-string partitas from contemporary composer Arni Egilsson. You can check out all the details here.

This is Sung at 19 playing Flight of the Bumblebee — the piece that ends his Louvre recital — in a poorly edited video:

John Terauds


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