Video: OK Go is poster band for the web-savvy, but it’s not as easy as it looks

If you’re not one of the 16 million to have seen this video over the past 22 days, you need to see how OK Go, a pop band that has gone multiply viral on You Tube over the past couple of years, makes music with a car and a junkyard’s worth of accessories:

These very clever boys are among the so very hip poster children of a new wave of fame-by-social media. But it doesn’t take much of a scratch below the surface to reveal that, without someone’s deep pockets, today’s video stars are no more likely than yesterday’s dude-with-a-guitar-in-the-subway to make a go of it.

The band hasn’t released an amount, but Kevin Mayer, the director of advertising and sales promotion for Chevrolet in the United State, has admitted that the video cost the same amount to make as a TV commercial, which puts us somewhere around half-a-million dollars.

The carmaker’s contributions included two cars, two weeks in a soundstage/warehouse where the band could perfect the instrument-impact effects with the help of an acoustical engineer flown in from Boston, and four days of filming in the Mojave Desert.

The band converted its music tempos to miles-per-hour, and, with the help of a metronome inside the car, were all set.

Except that the sound balance had to be fixed in the editing suite.

Yes, you too can make a viral video.

John Terauds


2 thoughts on “Video: OK Go is poster band for the web-savvy, but it’s not as easy as it looks

  1. Now, if I could only figure out how to get organ music viral, then we’ll have something to sing about. This video is really a testament to all the other disciplines rather than music. i.e. engineering, camera, creative concept and post production. It is intriguing at all levels.

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