An 1,100-year-old musical score from Taiwan

Toronto composer Brian Current, in Taiwan for two performances tomorrow by the Taiwan Philharmonic of his Young Person’s Guide to New Music (cheekily placed alongside Nathaniel Stookey’s Lemony Snicket-inspired The Composer is Dead), shared this photo of an 1,100-year-old Chinese music manuscript on Twitter last night.


2 thoughts on “An 1,100-year-old musical score from Taiwan

  1. There are historic traditions and objects to be found in Taiwan which you will not find on the mainland. Taiwan did not suffer the “Cultural Revolution”.
    The “Young Person’s Guide to New Music for Symphony Orchestra”, with a through narration, is being presented in Mandarin for the first time!

  2. John:

    Last Sunday the Syrian pianist Malek Jandali played a recital in the RCM’s Mazzoleni Hall. One of the pieces he played was a piano ‘arrangement’ of notated music found carved in the cave walls of Ugarit, Syria. The music dates from 3000 BC and is thought to be the oldest notated music. The current situtation in Syria made the moment even more breathtaking.

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