Mexican drug cartel may be behind kidnapped conductor Rodolfo Casarés

Members of the Bremerhaven City Theatre Orchestra in Germany anxiously await news about their kidnapped music director, Rodolfo Cazarés (DAPD Photo, from Die Welt)

Mexican conductor and pianist Rodolfo Cazarés, 35, music director at the Bremerhaven City Theatre in Germany, was abducted while vacationing in Mexico in July. Despite the ransom having been paid four times over, his kidnappers have not released him, reports Germany’s Die Welt.

The people involved in Germany have gone public now with the matter because of mounting concern that Cazarés may not be returned alive.

Efforts to get Cazarés back include pleas by Bremerhaven’s mayor to Mexican consular officials. The theatre has also been raising funds to help support his French-born wife, Ludivine.

Cazarés, his wife, his parents nd several other members of his family, including children, were all abducted from the Cazarés’ parental home in the northern Mexican city of Matamoros, on the Gulf Coast, says Die Welt. The women and children were released three days later, but the men are still captive.

The article suggests that this is probably the work of a Mexican drug cartel. The cartels are, apparently particularly active in that part of the country, and kidnappings are common.

For the full article in Die Welt, click here.


2 thoughts on “Mexican drug cartel may be behind kidnapped conductor Rodolfo Casarés

    • we know Rodolfo very well.

      he is a drug addict :

      addicted to his only drug : MUSIK

      i do not like Rodolfo, because he plays better

      music than me,

      and my proposal to the kidnappers is :

      catch me, if you can

      because i will find the kidnappers,

      for the sake of RODOLFO


      my strategy : all friends of Rodolfo go to the the kidnappers.

      What will they do with us? shoot us down ? i have a diplomate passeport from the Republic of Austria, and i think that people in Mexico are well aware about international relations.

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