Classical music never looked as hip as at the hands of Nicholas Collon’s Aurora Orchestra

I know that this place is called Musical Toronto, but I want to direct your attention across the frigid Atlantic to London, in the hope that you might be as ticked and inspired by the Aurora Orchestra as I’ve been.

I wrote about this new group on my old Toronto Star blog, and Monday’s live, web-streamed performance at 3:30 p.m. ET (8:30 p.m. GMT) of Mozart’s Requiem with the choir of Kings College, Cambridge, is a good excuse to mention them for the first time here.

The Guardian is behind this webcast (I’m hoping we can see it here; BBC Television blocks their on-demand and some streaming broadcasts in North America), and you can read all about it here.

Besides having the coolest-looking season brochure I’ve ever seen (as accessed through the Guardian’s article), the Aurorans are mixing up the old ways of programming classical music — and doing it at the highest possible level of quality.

They’re young, they’re keen and, hopefully, will keep on succeeding.

Conductor Nicholas Collon (pictured above, also assistant conductor with the London Philharmonic Orchestra) is full of energy and bright ideas.

Here’s a promotional video for the Aurora Orchestra’s just-released 2012 season, followed by Collon speaking on one of the group’s first concerts, Mozart Unwrapped.

If you have time, check out Aurora’s website to hear a heart-melting little audio snippet by Erich Korngold, the Intermezzo from this Much Ado About Nothing Suite. Click here.


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